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Cheat Hoodie

  • The material of the dress is 50% cotton - 50% polyester. There is a laundry compartment inside.  It is recommended to wash upside down! The dress is minimally oversized (shoulder, sleeve / chest abundance), however, choose a size that you wear from normal clothes, otherwise  your finger will be short. To achieve an oversized effect, choose a size larger!

  •  Shoulder (cm) Breast (cm2) Finger (cm) Length (cm)
    S 50 98 56 64
    M 55 110 57 65
    L 60 115 58 70
    XL 67 130 59 75


    ⋆ Chest: The chest size of the dress is given, so measure yourself!


    ⋆ Sleeve: The length of the sleeve of the clothes, measured from the shoulder,  not the value measured from the armpits!


    The data in the size chart are measured manually, so a few cm deviation may be due. Handle this information with understanding! 


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